Batman & Robin quote about Deke Dickerson

Robin: Hey Batman... what guitar could be the best to play The Batman Theme?
Batman: A Halmark Wing-Bat guitar, for sure.
Robin: Holy strings! And... where in the world could be the best place to play The Batman Theme with the one and only Hallmark Wing-Bat guitar?
Batman: The truly Batmobile created by Mr. George Barris himself, with no doubt.
Robin: Holy convertible...! But how can you be so sure, Batman?
Batman: I really can, my friend. Earth movement is an inexact science at best. And... Robin, can you tell me who could be the best superguitar-hero to play The Batman Theme in the real original Batmobile?
Robin: Oh Batman!... Is there any man that could see the Bat Signal and play it for us???
Batman: Yes, Robin... There's a Man in the world... The One and Only MR. ENTERTAINMENT!!!
Robin: Gosh, Batman... is there anything you don't know?
Batman: Oh... yes, Robin. Several things in fact. But... IN THE END, VERACITY AND RECTITUDE ALWAYS TRIUMPH.

More pics of the amazing Wing-Bat guitar

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