Here is the greatest new of the year for all those freaks that GUITAR flips you out!!!!!
The GUITAR GEEK FEST is coming again.
As always... The All Star line up in the show can blow anybody's brains out... GEORGE TOMSCO from The Fireballs (he also played for some Buddy Holly recordings!), DAVID "HONEYBOY" EDWARDS although you may not believe me... we live in the same planet that a guy who played with Robert Johnson!!! , and what can I say about the Twangy Guitar Man... DUANE EDDY.

And don’t miss the rest... CRAZY JOE TRISCHLER, JOEL PATERSON, BRIAN LONBECK and ELAINE FRIZZEL, and a JOHNNY RAMONE TRIBUTE lead up by Deke Dickerson himself... to show everybody that the RAMONES kicked asses left , right and centre ............ this may be the highlight of the year.

I just would sell my soul to DEVIL to be there!!!!!!!

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- Past Geeks Amazing Images:

The Buddy Holly's Original Crickets
Deke Dickerson & Del Casher on 'Gilligan' Go-Go-Guitar
The All-Mosrite Band tribute to Sammy Moseley feat. Brian Lonbeck, Venturesmania among others (Guest: Larry Collins)
The Ghastly Ones - All 'Eliki' Set!
'Guitar Zack' Wiesenger
Jennifer Batten
Rickenbaker Bakelite Band (Feat. DB Berzansky, TK Smith, John Reynolds, Trent Ruane, Travis Harrelson, Pat Quilter, Junior Watson, Brent Harding... among others)
Slacktone (Dave Wronski/Sam Bolle/Dusty Watson)
Joao Erbetta w/ Pete Curry & Sam Bolle

The Collins Kids (Larry & Lorrie)
Teisco Del Rey (Feat. Paul 'Mr. Moto' Johnson)

Deke Dickerson & Crazy Joe Trischler Twin Guitar Spectacular
Brian Lonbeck
Junior Watson
Lester Peabody
‘All-Bigsby’ Band (Feat. TK Smith & JW Wakefield among many others)
Maestro Alex Gregory
James Calvin Wilsey

Darrel Higham tribute to Eddie Cochran
Del Casher
Jeremy Wakefield
Shredmistress Rynata
Brian Lonbeck
Kid Ramos
Herb Remington
Paul Jonson (The Belairs)
Eddie Bertrand (The Belairs/Eddie & The Showmen)
Willy Glover (The Pyramids)
Jim Masones (Deadly Ones)
Bob Spickard & Brian Carman (The Chantays)
Jim Fuller (The Surfaris)
Nokie Edwards (The Ventures)

2006 II (Las Vegas Guitar Geek Reprise)
Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-fonics
Jyrkki "J.J." Juvonen
Del Casher
Joel Paterson
Brian Lonbeck
Gary Lambert

The Shaddicts (America's only Shadows tribute band featuring Chris Barfield, Garrett Immel, Mel Bergman)
Don Rich Tribute with Bill Kirchen, Dave Biller, D.B. Berzansky, Chris Sprague, & Deke Dickerson
Michael "Angelo" Batio
Mark Neill & The Unknowns
Thom Bresh & Brian Lonbeck
Los Straitjackets’ Link Wray Tribute (Feat. Deke Dickerson)
Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-fonics

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-fonics
Nokie Ëdwards w/ Venturesmania (Guest: Dick Dale)
T. K. Smith’s Tribute to Cliff Gallup (Feat. Big Sandy on vocals)
Jeremy Wakefield
Del Casher
Brian Lonbeck
Dave Bunker

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-fonics
Brian Lonbeck Tribute To Joe Maphis
‘JW’ Wakefield & ‘TK’ Smith salute to Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
Venturesmania (Feat. Deke Dickerson, Pete Curry, Chris Sprague & Garrett Immell)
Gary Lambert

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