After a couple of months of inactivity, we’re a proud to give you again another Untamed Youth’s unofficial recording as a Christmas present.
Specially for the most faithful  party rockers and Sophisticated International Playboys all over the world, here you have, on mp3 format, “The Untamed Youth At El Sol Again!”, their last show in Madrid on June 10th 2010, fourteen years after their first appearance at the same club.
Althought some tracks during the first part of the show does not sound pretty good, and the audience seems strangely very far from the stage, we can say that maybe this artifact is the most powered full bootleg on the band’s history.

Deke 'Bebop' Dickerson
Steve 'King Of Men' Mace
Steve 'Sammy Sr. Chorizo Grande' Rager
Alex 'Big Man' Hall.

Ain't Got A Thing
Some Kinda Fun
I'm Going Away
Brown Paper Sack
The Hearse
Mailbox Jamboree
Double Whammy
Adam And Evil
Russian Roulette
(I Live For) Cars And Girls
Beer Bust Blues
Girl And A Hot Rod
Hey Elly Mae
Whistle Bait
Pabst Blue Ribbon
She's So Satisfying
I'm Gonna Make You Mine
Wooly Bully
Surfin' Bird
Dance Sammy Dance

 ***** If you're interesting on the complete footage of the show, you can contact us on our email adress.

This is how the Untamed Whirl Magazine predicted the event many many years ago.

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