The Untamed Youth Live On Stage, Feb. 1990.

A couple of years ago we found this great show in a P2P program with this note:
"The Untamed Youth (Deke Dickerson)
February 8th, 1990
Audience Recording...came from audio cassette, to my computer, to you!

Don't have much info on this show, but sounds great if you are into Deke's
stuff. Not a long set, but cool nonetheless.
I lost the info of where it was, but it may have been out in the
Southwest. If I dig it up, I'll share the info.

Please, Don't sell it (if you even could...!), just share it, convert it,
I don't really care...but don't sell it.
Keep live music sharing fun."

Steve 'Sammy' Rager, Sophisticated International Playboy, keyboards player of the band, and Untamed Youth's archivist capital of the world, told us that if the date isn't incorrect, this show was at The Chameleon, Lancaster, PA.
And if that´s true, the people of the "Red Rose City" could be considered the most boring audience in the world (or maybe they went deaf with the first chords): I can't still understand how everybody kept quiet throughout the whole show.

Don't loose this opportunity to hear the rage of the band 20 years ago!!!!
And assure yourself to hear "Can't you see I do" ... pure honey to your listening pleasure, and never recorded by the band although they planed to.

To download let's do click on player's DivShare logo or just right here and select the file/s in the low part of the new page before to start download.

If you prefer download the all songs at the same time, go right here

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  1. Deke: Always wanted to thank you and the boys for recording Go Go Ferrari back when. Fred Boese (God rest his soul) was my uncle -- my mother's baby brother -- and I remember first hearing the record when I was 4 or 5 back in the 1964-65 time period. He was very proud of his creation. The B-side Big Boy Pete was also a cool song (Uncle Fred did the "Yeah's"). Anyway thanks again.