Deke beats the tube!

One of the best moments of our life. Deke has open his old memory chest and has just begun to share clips at YouTube as incredibles as this: Here he is playing with the original Lefty Frizzell's Bigsby Guitar, one of our all time favourite tunes, "Just can't live that fast, anymore".

Deke Dickerson says about the clip:
Trying to do justice to the greatest honky-tonk singer of all time...I got to play Lefty Frizzell's original Gibson SJ-200 with Bigsby neck. I was scared to death--not only because of how much the guitar sold for, but also because Lefty Frizzell's ghost is in there...very scary. Merle Haggard bought the guitar--and I would like to apologize to Merle here for putting a 400 dollar pick scratch on the pickguard. Thanks to Retrofret in Brooklyn for letting me play Lefty's guitar while it was in their possession.

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